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Jever Light – a beer in between Jever Pilsener and Jever Fun

A bottle of Jever Light Pilsener beer from Germany ready to be reviewed.

A bottle of Jever Light beer waiting to be poured into a Pilstulpe glass for Pilsener style beers. Does Jever Light also taste good, despite less alcohol and reduced calories? You’ll find out!

As many people of modern societies are becoming more and more aware of nutritional issues and want to keep their calorie intake low, the term „light“ accompanies a large range of products. But what has it got to do with beer?! How can a beer be “light” and not a total contradiction? We thought the same before we tried this particular light beer from Jever brewery of Northern Germany. The brewery is famous for its Jever Pilsener, a typical German pilsner style beer with a high degree of bitterness. We also already had had a go at Jever Fun before, the non alcoholic beer from Jever’s brewery. So essentially, it was obvious that we would have a look at the beer right in between: Jever Light. As we had not yet tried a light beer, and nor had our friends, we were quite curious. Check out our review and decide, whether Jever Light might be a beer option for you!


Jever Light has less calories than Jever Pilsener

This is a fact. “Ordinary” Jever Pilsener has 39 kcal per 100 ml at an ABV of 4.9 %, while Jever Light provides 25 kcal per 100 ml, having an ABV of 2.7 %. As a matter of fact, Jever Fun has both far less calories and an alcohol content below 0.5 %. Thus, drinking Jever Light you are more or less right in between Jever Pilsener and Jever Fun. Due to our reviews on Jever Pilsener and Jever Fun, we assumed that Jever Light would surely be worth a try. Does the missing alcohol content have any effect on the taste and would Jever Light beer taste better than Jever Fun due to the higher ABV and more calories?


Comparison – Jever beers

  • Jever Pilsener

    Jever Pilsener: 4.9 % ABV 39 kcal / 100 ml normal values for a typical Pilsener style beer
  • Jever Light

    Jever Light: 2.7 % ABV 25 kcal / 100 ml 55% alc. / 64 % cal. of Jever Pilsener
  • Jever Fun

    Jever Fun: > 0.5 % ABV 13 kcal / 100 ml 10% alc. / 33 % cal. of Jever Pilsener
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Jever Light – The Data.

Alcohol content: 2.7 % ABV
Calories: 25 kcal / 100 ml
Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hops

Jever Light - Our Review


We had a 0.33 l of Jever Light in a longneck bottle and tasted it from a single glass. The froth of Jever Light is prolonged and consistent. It is a very fresh beer with sparse carbon dioxide. An intense taste of hops with a long – to be precise, extraordinary long – aftertaste. Jever Light is nearly as strong as the "usual" Jever Pilsener and therefore convincing. By the way, the scent of Jever Light is great and contains some lemon odor, consistent with its lemony taste, the color is light and clear. All in all, Jever Light is a good beer and recommendable. Nevertheless, we fancy Jever Pilsener a bit more. Jever Light however is an adequate replacement, when looking for a beer with Jever Pilsener's characteristics, but less alcohol and lower in calories.

  • Taste
  • Beer Froth
  • Bitterness
  • Color
  • Overall Impression

*We tasted this non-alcoholic beer with 2 persons and the rating reflects only our personal impression, which we discussed after tasting the beer. The beer was cooled to the recommended temperature for the relevant beer type prior to testing. You may have a different taste and come to other results.

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