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Mühlen Kölsch Beer – Kolsch style beer from the old Muhlen brewery in Cologne!

Pouring Muehlen Kolsch into a Kölsch Stange glass.

Wonderful weather and a glass of Mühlen-Kölsch! Mühlen-Kölsch is one of the oldest brands of the top-fermented Kolsch beer.

The Mühlen brewery, with its location at the central Heumarkt (Hay Market) of Cologne, is one of the most famous Kolsch beer producing breweries and well-known for its restaurant. As one of the traditional Kolsch beers we simply had to try this one and provide you a review on its taste and its other facets. By the way, the official name of the brewery is Brauerei zur Malzmühle Schwarz KG. So let’s have a look at the history and the Mühlen product range!


Mühlen-Kölsch is one of the oldest Kolsch beers of the city of Cologne. The brewery is situated in the very heart of Cologne.

The Brauerei zur Malzmühle: An old brewery of Cologne.

The brewery now producing Mühlen Kolsch beer was founded in 1858 by Hubert Koch as the Bier- und Malzextract-Dampfbrauerei Hubert Koch, Cöln near by the Filzengraben, where the old malt mill of Cologne once stood. This malt mill, being property of the city of Colonge, had been erected in the mid 16th century and was finally torn off in 1852 after more than 280 years of service. Thus, it is not very remarkable, that the nearby brewery’s name was finally linked to the Malzmühle, well-known among the citizens of Cologne: Brauerei zur Malzmühle Schwartz KG. A patrician house from 1744 was and still is the brewery’s location with its current address Heumarkt Nr. 6, 50667 Köln – opposite to the Maritim Hotel Köln. And the brewery’s beer label depicts an old malt mill. Today, the brewery’s most famous product is Mühlen-Kölsch, a Kolsch style beer widely known within the Cologne region and served in far more than 100 pubs.

A bulgy bottle of Mühlen Kölsch on a balcony in the city of Cologne.

The bulgy 0.5l bottle is typical for Mühlen-Kölsch. This is enough for two-and-a-half Kolsch Stangen!

Mühlen-Kölsch and more: The products of the Brauerei zur Malzmühle!

Surely, the Mühlen Kolsch beer is the most important product of the brewery, but it is also noteworthy to have a look at it’s malt beer and entire product range.

Mühlen Products

  • Mühlen Kölsch (Kolsch style beer)
  • Koch’sches Malzbier (Malt beer)
  • Mühlen Weizen (Wheat beer)
  • Mühlenkräuter (Herbal liqueur)
  • Von Mühlen (Gourmet beer)

Originating back to 1858, Mühlen-Kölsch is one of the oldest Kolsch beers of Colonge and is brewed according to a family-held recipe and in compliance to the purity law of 1516 using top-fermentation yeast. Mühlen Kölsch is available in bulgy 0.5l bottles as well as in 0.33l club and longneck bottles. The latter is sold in typical six packs. When ordering a Mühlen-Kölsch in a traditional pub, you will of course only be served beer in the famous Kolsch Stange glasses consisting of 0.2l. Beside the traditional house at the Heumarkt, the brewery also runs the pub Malzmühle zum Historischen Rathaus in the city of Pulheim near Cologne for some time now.


Did you know that Clinton enjoyed a typical German dish with a Mühlen-Kölsch beer when he visited the Brauhaus during the G8 Summit in 1999? When leaving the pub he said „Isch bin ein Koelsch!“ linking to president Kennedy’s famous sentence in Berlin.

Picture of Mühlen Kölsch bottle and beer in a Kölsch Stange glass.

Mühlen Kölsch has an amazing color, making people thirsty – not only in Cologne…

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Mühlen Kölsch – The Data

Alcohol Content: 4.8 % vol
Calories: 56 kcal / 100 ml
Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Hops

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Mühlen Kolsch - Our Review


A Kolsch Stange of Mühlen Kölsch for both of us. The weather great, letting the sun shine on a Mühlen-Kölsch beer with a nice golden colour. Having a rather intensive scent, we found the froth to be very volatile and in fact a bit raw. Tasting this Kolsch beer, we were fascinated by a strong, bitter and intense taste with lots of malt elements not quite typical for a Kolsch style beer at all. The aftertaste revealed complexity with fruitiness - de facto a convincing aroma composition. We really liked Mühlen Kölsch but beware: it is not the kind of Kolsch beer you would want to start with as a novice!

  • Taste
  • Beer Froth
  • Bitterness
  • Color
  • Overall Impression

*We tasted this beer with 2 persons and the rating reflects only our personal impression, which we discussed after tasting the beer. The beer was cooled to the recommended temperature for the relevant beer type prior to testing. You may have a different taste and come to other results.

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