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Gilden Kölsch from Cologne!

A bottle of Gilden Koelsch beer in the sun ready to be tested and reviewed.

It’s a typical Kölsch style beer from the city of Cologne: Gilden Kölsch.

Gilden is one of those Kolsch beer brands with a history of about 150 years. Formerly, the brewery had been led by a widow who married her master brewer. The latter founded a brewing company called Brauerei Balsam OHG in Köln-Mülheim, a district on the right bank of the Rhine, back in 1890. Due to declining sales after WW1, the brewery joined with the Bergische Löwen-Brauerei AG to start a new company. In 1967, the brewery was taken over by the famous Dortmunder Union-Brauerei. Today the Gilden Kölsch beer brand belongs to the Radeberger group just like other traditional Kölsch beer brands such as Sion Kölsch, Peters Kölsch, Sester Kölsch or Küpper’s Kölsch (German breweries). In summary, one could speak of a typical history of a brewery experiencing market consolidation. About 250 k hectoliters of Gilden Kölsch are produced each year now. That is not even half of Reissdorf’s production rate, so Gilden Kölsch is one of the smaller Kölsch beer brands. Yet, it is well-known in Cologne thanks to clever advertising.


Gilden Kölsch is brewed in Köln-Mülheim, a district on the right bank of the Rhine River. In Cologne, this very part of the city is called the “Schäl Sick”. This more or less translates to “the wrong side”. You need to know that the old city of Cologne is situated on the left side of the Rhine.

Gilden Kölsch today.

Gilden currently is a sponsor of many district festivals and partner of Cologne’s ice hockey team Kölner Haie (translating to Sharks of Cologne). The most important event for Gilden is, of course, the carnival season, a time in spring when the whole city seems to be enjoying a large party in fancy dresses. If you visit Cologne and are interested in Gilden Kölsch, you could visit the “Gilden im Zins”, a pub located at the Kölner Heumarkt (once Cologne’s hay market), and enjoy a beer in a typical Kölsch surrounding with “Köbes” waiters and typical German food. The Heumarkt is a central place in downtown Cologne, very close to the Rhine River as well as the Neumarkt. By the way, the “Gilden im Zins” has enough room to serve nearly 1.000 guests on three floors!
In parallel, Gilden Kölsch has established a so called Veedel Reporter whose goal is to visit all districts of Cologne and to present some sort of TV documentation. With round about 1.0 million inhabitants in Cologne, there are a lot of districts to be visited and discovered. The small Veedel-Check documentaries are worth watching, if you are interested in the city of Cologne and its unique culture.

Gilden Koelsch being poured into a Kolsch Stange beer glass typical for this beer type.

Kölsch is an easy to drink beer type from Germany and Gilden is among our personal favorites. Summertime is Kölsch time!

In Cologne, the quarters are called Veedel. This is local word is derived from the German word “Viertel” meaning quarter or district. In general, the local dialect of Cologne is utterly different compared to other German regions and cities. Understanding a Köbes (waiter) serving you a Gilden Kölsch isn’t always easy! No need to worry though – he will always is determined on providing you a good service, not allowing your Kölsch Stangen (Kölsch beer glasses) to stay empty for too long. If you’re done, you simply put the coaster on the top of you glass – a clear sign in Cologne, stating that you’ve had enough beer so far!


Gilden Kölsch – The Data.

  • Alcohol content: 4.8 % ABV
  • Calories: 40 kcal / 100 ml
  • Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Hops, Hops Extract


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Gilden Kölsch - Our Review


Gilden is a beer with a typical beer froth and color for its particular style. Tasting from a Kölsch Stange beer glass, we found this beer to be rather sour and not fruity at all. The taste is characterized by hops and therefore some bitterness, which we liked quite much, and accompanied by a pleasant odor. Carbon dioxide is medium, while the aftertaste is long and intense. You experience a nice scent of barley. Gilden Kölsch is, in our humble opinion, a great representative of the Kolsch style and therefore highly recommendable!

  • Taste
  • Beer Froth
  • Bitterness
  • Color
  • Overall Impression

*We tasted this beer with 2 persons and the rating reflects only our personal impression, which we discussed after tasting the beer. The beer was cooled to the recommended temperature for the relevant beer type prior to testing. You may have a different taste and come to other results.

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