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Maisel’s Weisse – a famous German wheat beer brand!

A picture of Maisel's Weisse Original Hefeweizen being poured into a German wheat beer glass from Bavaria.

We had big expectations regarding Maisel’s Weisse Original Hefeweizen beer. This is one of the most famous wheat beer brands from Germany. However, the Maisel’s brewery of Bayreuth produces other beer styles, too.

Maisel’s Weisse is one of the best-known German beer brands focusing on the production of wheat beer. Situated in the Wagner city of Bayreuth, the Maisel’s brewery is a Franconian one. Franconia may be part of the German federal state Bavaria, yet you should never tell a Franconian person that she or he is Bavarian – even if Maisel’s refers to its Bavarian origin! Therefore, we should also not speak of Bavarian beer to be precise when taking a closer look at the Maisel’s brewery and its interesting beer range!


You will surely have heard of Maisel’s Weisse, a typical German Wheat beer?! But, are you familiar with all the Maisel’s beer, and did you know that the Maisel’s brewery is into craft beer for some time now?

The Maisel’s brewery was established in 1887.

A great thing about the Maisel’s brewery is the fact that it is still family owned. All began in 1887, nearly 130 years ago, when the brothers Erhardt and Hans founded the brewery. The Maisel’s brewery was able to survive WW1 as well as the economical pressures of the 1920s which forced many German breweries to shut down. The most important decision of the brewery’s management, then consisting of Fritz Maisel who was supported by his sons, was actually made in 1955. The decision was to brew wheat beer respectively Hefeweizen or Weissbier. Maisel’s Kristallweizen, being more or less a filtered Hefeweizen without residue, was sold as Champagner-Weizen at first.

Kristallweizen beer was once called Champagner-Weizen in Germany, due to the bottle fermentation method applied and the clear color of this unique beverage. However, this product name was forbidden for wheat beer by the 1960s since it is a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for French Champagne. Not as expensive as Champagne of course, Kristallweizen is so worth a try!

Thanks to the Maisel’s brewing experience and a sound marketing, the brand was able to grow and spread beyond the Franconian region. At that time, the Maisel’s brewery was a so called Spezialbierbraurei specialized on rather rare beer styles. You have to know that the 1960s were a period in Germany when Pilsner style beers were extraordinarily asked for. Wheat beers like Kristallweizen or Hefeweizen did not have a significant market share. Yet, Maisel’s continuously grew to become one of the largest German breweries for wheat beer. The production rate today is at about 400 k hectoliters per year. That indeed is quite a production rate!

Hefeweizen – check it out!

Maisel’s Beers – not only Weizen!

A bottle and a full glass of Maisel's Weisse Original Hefeweizen beer from Bayreuth in Franconia / Bavaria.

The core product of the Maisel’s brewery is Weisse Original. It is a classic Hefeweizen beer with a great amber color. All beers of Maisel’s are brewed in the Franconian city of Bayreuth.

Being led by the fourth generation, the Maisel’s brewery has transformed into a modern German enterprise and has widened its beer offerings by new styles and by a new beer brand. The latter is called Maisel & Friends. This brand was Maisel’s entrance into the craft beer scene. Here is an overview of all Maisel beers!


  • Maisel’s Weisse Original (Hefeweizen)
  • Maisel’s Weisse Alkoholfrei (non-alcoholic Hefeweizen)
  • Maisel’s Weisse Light (alcohol-reduced Hefeweizen)
  • Maisel’s Weisse Kristall (filtered Wheat beer)
  • Maisel’s Weisse Dunkel (dark Hefeweizen)
  • Maisel’s Pilsner (typical Pilsner style beer)
  • Bayreuther Bio-Weisse (organic Hefeweizen)
  • Edelhopfen Extra (Pilsner style beer with reduced calories)
  • Kritzenthaler Alkoholfreies Pilsner (non-alcoholic Pilsner style beer)


Maisel & Friends

  • Maisel & Friends IPA
  • Maisel & Friends Pale Ale
  • Maisel & Friends India Ale (draught beer only)
  • Maisel & Friends Bavaria Ale (draught beer only)
  • Maisel & Friends Stefan’s Indian Ale
  • Maisel & Friends Jeff’s Bavarian Ale
  • Maisel & Friends Citrilla
  • Maisel & Friends Marc’s Chocolate Bock
  • Maisel & Friends Choco Porter (draught beer only)


In summary, Maisel’s provides nine classical beers, and nine craft beers making the beer range quite broad. Writing about German beers, we will of course initially have a look at Maisel’s classical beers and test them for you.

Maisel’s offers many beers to choose from. The beer range is, of course, focused on Wheat beer, yet the Pilsners may also be interesting to try. We will begin with their core product: a review on Maisel’s Weisse Original, the classic Hefeweizen beer!

The Maisel’s museum in Bayreuth.

Rear label of the Maisel's Weisse Original beer bottle.

There is quite some information on the rear label of the Maisel bottle. However, you have to understand at least some German to translate it. In general, the text refers to Maisel’s tradtitional brewering procedures.

You might as well have a look at the Maisel’s brewery museum if you are visiting the city of Bayreuth. It has lots to offer for beer enthusiasts, and it is located in an old stylish brewery building. Beside the mandatory brewing facilities, you will find a huge collection of beer glasses, beer coasters, as well as advertising memorabilia. The total museum area consists of about 2.400 sqm, and was recorded as the most extensive beer museum by the Guinessbook of Records in the late 1980s. In case you are exhausted after your tour through the museum, you can enjoy a Maisel’s beer in the brewery-owned pub on the premises.

By the way, the Maisel’s brewery organizes an annual Weissbier festival for a period of four days with free entrance. This has been a nice tradition since 1987 when the brewery celebrated its 100 year anniversary.

Maisel’s Weisse Original – The Data.

  • Alcohol content: 5.2 % ABV
  • Calories: 42 kcal / 100 ml
  • Ingredients: Water, Wheat and Barley Malt, Hops

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Maisel's Weisse Original - Our Review


We went to the kitchen, got a traditional wheat beer glass, and washed it with water - the way you do prepare a glass for German Hefeweizen! We used the typical technique to fill the glass without spilling any beer or froth. Maisel's Weisse Original beer has a rather dark color for a Hefeweizen with a medium degree of froth. The smell is fantastic and we found it to bring memories of a wine scent. Trying Maisel's Weisse Original, we found it to be very fruity with an intense taste of banana. It provides a complex and very refreshing impression with a small degree of lemon. The yeast is perfectly aligned with the malts and hops. Not to forget, we also distinguished some clove aroma. All in all, a fantastic Hefeweizen and highly recommendable!

  • Taste
  • Beer Froth
  • Bitterness
  • Color
  • Overall Impression

*We tasted this beer with 2 persons and the rating reflects only our personal impression, which we discussed after tasting the beer. The beer was cooled to the recommended temperature for the relevant beer type prior to testing. You may have a different taste and come to other results.

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