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The best non alcoholic beer comes from Germany!

A German non alcoholic beer is poured into a normal beer glass.

It looks like beer – and that’s just what it is: non alcoholic beer. Despite the name, there still are usually small amounts of alcohol in this beverage. German breweries are very innovative, especially in creating new non alcoholic beer styles and brands. Check it out!

You may not like the actual taste of alcohol or you may just want to enjoy a nice and cool beer, although the only way is by car. Decades ago, you had a variety of soft drinks to choose from, but over the last few years, non-alcoholic beer has not only become available but also very popular. With far less calories than normal beer, non-alcoholic beer can be compared with isotonic beverages and poses a real alternative to other drinks after e.g. a heavy sports training session. So why not try a non-alcoholic beer – and particularly one from Germany!

In this article, you are going to learn some interesting facts about non-alcoholic beer!

We are convinced: the best non alcoholic beer brands are of German origin!

Taking a closer look at the typical German beer styles and brands, it is plain to see that most large breweries with their popular beer brands have an alcohol-free version on the market. When you are from the US, you most certainly came across Beck’s non-alcoholic or Clausthaler Golden Amber respectively Clausthaler Premium. But please keep in mind that these beers are purely brewed for the export/international market and that non-alcoholic beer in Germany usually tastes rather different. For instance, it is extremely difficult to obtain a bottle of Clausthaler Golden Amber in Germany. You would probably have to order it via internet since it is actually unavailable in retail stores!
Nowadays, the market for non-alcoholic beers is continuously growing – and, particularly in Germany, where sales figures for normal beer (not for craft beer though) are slowly declining, non-alcoholic beer is turning into a method for innovation to many breweries. Thanks to this recent development, you are able to choose from a wide variety of German non-alcoholic beers – top-fermented or bottom-fermented – and there are great ones to discover!

There is a great variety of beer styles available as non-alcoholic versions in Germany. Numerous smaller German breweries offer non-alcoholic beers, and they are absolutely worth a try!

Some German non alcoholic beer styles

How is non alcoholic beer actually produced?

Picture of a non alcoholic beer of the Kolsch beer style from Cologne. It is Gaffel Frei - a Kolsch beer.

Even Kolsch beer from the German city of Cologne is available as non alcoholic beer. This non alcoholic Kolsch beer from Gaffel has less calories than the normal brand.

No matter which beer style you are trying to make a non-alcoholic version from, there are only two general methods of preventing typical amounts of alcohol from entering the bottle or beer barrel: either the fermentation-process is stopped at a pre-defined low alcohol content or the beer is brewed as usual, and the alcohol is extracted after the brewing process. Yet, it is important to know that non alcoholic beer still contains some alcohol! Depending on which method was applied, an „alkoholfreies Bier“ in Germany can still have up to 0.5 % ABV. About ten years ago, the first German non-alcoholic beer with 0.0% ABV. to enter the market was Warsteiner Premium Alkoholfrei. According to German law, it could be described as „ohne Alkohol“ (without alcohol). Even if a non alcoholic beer contains up to 0.5% alc., but keep in mind that other drinks and food such as fruit, juice (especially grape juice), Sauerkraut and bread also contain similar amounts of alcohol due to natural fermentation.


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Why is non alcoholic beer from Germany the best beer on the market?

A bottle of Einbecker non alcoholic beer called Einbecker Brauherren Alkoholfrei.

Einbecker is a brewery best known for its Bockbier. The small town of Einbeck once was one of the beer capitals of Germany – and the very place, where Bock beer was invented. Today the Einbecker brewery also produces a non alcoholic version of its Pilsner beer: the Einbecker Brauherren Alkoholfrei. It is a truly amazing non alcoholic beer and very tasteful!

It simply is the variety and quality of German beers which allows the individual to find a particular non-alcoholic beer she or he favors the most. Furthermore, the market for non-alcoholic beer is continuously growing in Germany and Europe, meaning that only the best brands will be accepted by customers. This certainly pushes German breweries to steadily work on their recipes and to present new beer brands and ideas on a regular basis. And do not forget that Germany has lots of small-sized breweries producing for the regional market only. It is very rewarding to give these particular beers a try, as they often have a far better taste in comparison to the well-known brands of non-alcoholic beer. In case you are a beer enthusiast, a vacation in Germany will make your dreams come true – with or without alcohol in your beer! As for the fact that non-alcoholic beer is getting more popular all across Europe, we are going to taste as much non-alcoholic beer brands and styles as we can and publish reviews. Non-alcoholic beer definitely raises fewer issues than alcoholic beer and is a perfect drink for hot summer days! So, enjoy your alcohol-free beer and “Prost”!

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