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There are many quotes of German politicians dealing with beer. Or think of Rudi Voeller's interview...

There are many quotes of German politicians dealing with beer. Or think of Rudi Voeller’s interview…

There are many tales and quotes regarding beer. Beer has simply been an important food and luxury product – not only in the past. Get to know more about the curiosities of beer and you will always have a story to tell when you are enjoying your favorite beer among your friends at a party or at a bar.


Some famous German Beer Quotes and Phrases

  • “Kein Bier vor Vier!” (General beer phrase: Translation: “Don’t start drinking beer before 4:00 pm!”)
  • ” Hol’ mir mal ‘ne Flasche Bier, sonst streik ich hier, und schreibe nicht weiter!” (2000, former Geman chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Translation: “Get me a bottle of beer, or I will go on strike and not continue signing autographs!”)
  • Friedrich Merz, a German politician, requested that the income tax law should be simplified in such a way that every citizen should be able to do their tax declaration on a beer coaster. Well, 10 years later, it has not happened of course and German tax law is more complicated than been before.
  • Rudi Voeller, former Trainer of the German National Football Team said “Du sitzt hier locker bequem auf deinem Stuhl, hast drei Weizenbier getrunken und bist schön locker.” to a well-known German sports presenter as a reaction on criticism. (2003, ARD television channel, Translation: “You are sitting comfortably on your chair, having had three wheat beers already and you are really easy-going.”)


What’s the story behind Chinese Tsingtao Beer? Well, you probably wouldn’t guess!

Tsingtao Beer actually has German origins.

Tsingtao beer is Chinese, isn’t it?! Well, yes and no. The brewery was founded by Germans and started brewing in accordance with the German Purity Law.

Tsingtao beer is a famous Chinese beer you may have already heard of or even tasted it. Actually, the Tsingtao brewery was founded by Germans in 1903 with the name “Germania”. Germany had, in accordance with its colonial ambitions, forced the Chinese Emperor to lease an area of about 500 km2 for a total of 99 years. The German colonialists not only brought suppression and their own culture, but also the art of beer brewing to its new colony. During the first year of WW1, the Germans were forced to abandon Qingdao. In the 30s, the Japanese occupied the former colony and kept brewing Tsingtao beer. After liberation, the Chinese, themselves fond of the brewery’s beer, continued production. Formerly, brewing was conducted in full compliance with the German Purity Law, but after privatization, the recipe was amended and now contains rice as an ingredient. Currently, the Tsingtao brewery is the second largest of China and responsible for approximately 50% of the country’s beer export. In essence, Tsingtao beer can be considered as a variation of a typical German Pilsner Beer! Why not taste a Chinese beer with German origins?!

There are many more stories and anecdotes to tell. We will provide you with more, for sure!

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