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Beer and food – many German beers taste great in combination with the right kind of food!

Beer and food have always been linked to each other, not only in Germany. On this blog, we are going to take a look at some German dishes and of course some snacks which are best enjoyed with a nice cold beer. Don’t forget that beer also plays an important role in German cuisine, as especially many sauces are based on beer. Best is to simply try the many beer-food-compositions and to find out which ones taste best for you. Why not invite your friends to a garden party and serve a variety of German dishes – and, of course, a choice of first-class beers?


Where beer and food meet: the Bavarian Biergarten!

German Beers from Bavaria with Weisswurst, Soft Prezels and Obatzda Cheese.The beer gardens / Biergärten of Bavaria are often associated with Germany in esssence. Well, that is not incorrect, as the principles of a beer garden, established in 19th century Munich, have spread throughout the country. Beer gardens are very popular in Germany and do not essentially have to serve Bavarian beer. A Pilsner or a Berliner Weisse is also very delicious when enjoyed under the beautiful trees of a Biergarten in the summertime. But, if you are looking for beer gardens with the longest and most unique traditions, it is best to visit Bavaria, especially Munic!

Typical Beers and Food in a Bavarian Biergarten

  • Hefeweizen / Weissbier (Wheat beer)
  • Helles
  • Kellerbier
  • Oktoberfestbier
  • Weisswurst
  • Hendl (chicken)
  • Leberkäse
  • Brezen (Brezeln / Soft Pretzels)
  • Schweinshaxn
  • Obatzda (spiced cheese)
  • Kartoffelsalat (potato salad)
  • Wurstsalat (sausage salad)


Traditional Munich Beer Gardens

  • Hirschgarten
  • Hofbräukeller
  • Augustiner Keller
  • Paulaner am Nockherberg


By the way, did you know that you are actually allowed to bring your own food to a Biergarten?! This fact results from the history of beer gardens in Munich and how they evolved, originating from beer cellars. Back in the early 19th century, those beer cellars were not allowed to serve any food by law. So people had to simply take their own food. But, to be honest, we wouldn’t recommend bringing food to a Bavarian Biergarten. The food there is simply great and suits the served beers best! A visit to a unique beer garden is an experience worth having when traveling to Germany.

In Germany, there is more beer and food to discover…

Reducing German beer and food culture to Bavaria simply wouldn’t be fair. There are many interesting regions and cities in Germany with fabulous views and interesting sights, not just in summertime. For instance, a beer garden on the terrace overlooking the Rhine river is a great place to be, when enjoying a Kolsch / Kölsch in the Cologne area or maybe an Altbier in Dusseldorf / Düsseldorf. In Berlin, you can order many different Berliner Weiße brands and matching meals. And do not forget Northern Germany, where you can order an Astra, a Holsten or an Alsterwasser. The Ruhr Area in contrast will offer you different kinds of food, such as Currywurst and unique Pilseners or Exportbier, mostly all of good quality. It is best to be well informed about the local specialties of the specific region of Germany you intend to visit. That way you might know best what to expect and what to order when matching food with the beer you would like to drink – or the other way round!

Obatzda – Bavarian Cheese Spread
Obatzda made in accordance with the Obatzda recipe of German-Beers.com
Obatzda is typical for Bavarian beer gardens and is enjoyed together with a typical wheat beer or a “Helles”. Find out more and get the Obatzda recipe.
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