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A traditional Bavarian Stein with lid accompanied by a Hacker Pschorr Beer from Bavaria.

German beer has a long tradition. This family Bavarian Stein is more than 100 years old. You can still enjoy a cold Hacker-Pschorr Kellerbier from it.

This blog is all about German beer – and more! International beers will also be considered, as there are certain principles associated with beer brewing that apply internationally. We will also have a look at the history of beer and at the culture linked to beer. Beer is more than just a beverage with some alcohol. There may be lots of wine experts around and many people think they may have lots of knowledge in this sector, but who claims to be “a beer expert?” anyway. Probably not even a few of those who like to drink beer. The world of beer is very complex and even more interesting. Germany as one of the traditional “beer countries” has lots to offer, not only beer. Many German foods and snacks are best eaten with the right kind of beer. By the way, did you know that Germany is only the fifth largest beer exporting country in the world?


A personal releationship to the secrets of German beer.

I am having a very personal relationship to beer due to my grandfather’s profession, since he used to work as a cooper in a German brewery in the Ruhr area. In blogging and beer tasting I am accompanied by Till, who used to live in Bavaria for many years and thus knows a good deal about Bavarian beers, especially wheat beers, like the so-called “Hefeweizen“. Friends in the UK often ask us many questions regarding different types, brands and tastes of German beer, which seems of a great interest to them (in addition to cars and football 😉 ).


“Hopfen und Malz, Gott erhalt’s!” is a famous German saying which can be translated as “God, please preserve hops and malt!”. Hops and malt are essential for brewing beer.

Germany has many unique beers to offer…

It is important to know that not only one German beer exists: there are currently more than 1.300 breweries in Germany – smaller and larger ones – and they brew various sorts and styles of beer which could not differ more in taste, color, ingredients, brewing methods and even alcohol content. In a pub of Northern Germany, people would be rather astonished if you were to order a “Weizen”. The same would apply if you were to ask for a Warsteiner beer in a local Bavarian pub. This in essence means variety. German beer provides an enormous spectrum of individual beers to explore!
Let us invite you to join us on our tour into the world of beer! Get a taste of Germany – we are sure you will love it and will find you favorite beer brand as well as some hints and tips regarding genuine traditional German food! All opinions on the beer brands introduced are absolutely biased and personal 😉

Let me welcome you to our blog German-Beers.com

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